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Anti Static Chairs

Written by: Direct Storage

So You Don’t Short Circuit at Work

Anti static chairs are actually more beneficial to your computer or electrical based equipment than they are for you personally, although ensuring you set up the right chair for your particular place of work is always essential for health and safety reasons and can help to prevent back injuries.

Anti Static ESD ChairAnyway, back to the anti static chairs! If you work in the electronics industry, it is more than likely that your chair will need to be an anti static one. Any small amount of static electricity produced can have negative and potentially damaging impact on the machinery and equipment around you, so we are really grateful for these specialised chairs.

At Direct Storage we stock a range of anti static chairs that are designed especially for use in those electrical industries, where combating static electricity is so important. Here is just a small selection of what is available:

AS2 Anti Static Chair - Height adjustable and compliant with European Standard Classification

AS2/C Anti Static Chair with Castors

T2 Anti Static Chair - Made from ESD Polyurethane, this chair avoids static electricity building up by “dissipating it directly to earth”.

Most of our chairs have an ergonomic design. Check out our website for lots more information about our chairs and our range of storage products.



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