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Anti Static Containers - No Shocks!

Written by: Direct Storage

Why would we need anti static containers? We are all now so used to the fast paced world of technology, that we barely raise an eyebrow when the latest gadgets are released onto the market. New computers, new mobile phones, new HD televisions, videogame consoles and the list could go on and on.

Anti Staic ESP Containers All of the components (many of them really tiny) have to be constructed and produced under really specific conditions in order for them to be absolutely free of static by the time they are inserted into your new phone or tablet.

It is known that static electricity can be fatal to the working ability of many of these components, hence the stringent conditions required during their processing.

Have you ever rubbed a balloon on your hair and then stuck it to something else? That’s static electricity at work and we human beings carry it around often in large doses. Of course, other than a bit of a tingle or slight shock, it’s completely harmless to us but has the power to zap the innards of your laptop should they be exposed to it!

So, in the processing plants, many of these components get stored and transported in anti static containers and the containers are a crucial part of this environment.



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