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Archive Shelving

Written by: Direct Storage

Organising the Past to Make the Future Brighter

Being asked to retrieve a file from the archive room at an office I used to work in used to fill me with fear and trepidation. The room itself was old, musty, dusty and dilapidated but compared to the state of the archive shelving and the archives themselves, the room looked relatively modern!

Archive Shelving UnitsMost structures work best when the foundation is sound and perhaps you could perhaps describe the archives as the foundation of many businesses that have to retain records and documents of important information.

So, it really makes a difference when your archiving system is in order. You need to analyze your available space and work out just what kind of archive shelving you are going to need for the sorts of files you intend to store.

It’s probably fair to say that most archive shelves are designed with boxes in mind but you can also get shelving systems that primarily store lever arch files.

Tailoring a system that suits your requirements perfectly is both cost effective and enables you to establish an archiving operation that is easy to understand, clearly labelled and will ensure that the rest of your business can work as smoothly as your newly installed archives.



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