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Bar Trolleys & Sheet Trolleys

Horizontal Bar Trolley


Bar Trolley

Bar Trolleys and sheet trolleys have been specifically designed to make the movement of materials such as horizontal bars and vertical sheet products easier and safer. These sorts of items can be difficult to move and manage, especially in environments like large, busy warehouses.






The horizontal bar trolley is fork lift compatible, with the forks easily sliding underneath the trolley for safe and efficient transportation of the trolley and its load of horizontal materials around the work place. As standard, it is fitted with nylon 200mm (diameter) castors although braked castors are also available. Select between two different weight loading options per your requirements with 1000kg and 2000kg available.

If you are looking to colour coordinate the working environment, then there are a range of colours available. Please call us for further details.

 Bar Trolley


 Description - 2000 x 600 x 460 (effective height)



 1000Kg capacity Bar Trolley

 £ 270.00 + Delivery Charge Call for details


 2000Kg capacity Bar Trolley

 £ 389.00 + Delivery Charge Call for details


2 Braked Castors - 1000Kg 2 swivel



2 Braked Castors - 2000Kg 2 swivel


 Please call for delivery options and current lead time on Bar Trolleys

Sheet Trolley

The sheet trolley is another hugely useful item to have around the warehouse or shop floor. Especially when needing to move a larger number of sheets, whether it be plywood, MDF, steel or even plasterboard, from one area to another, the sheet trolley can prove invaluable. It can save both heavy lifting and valuable time.


Sheet Trolley














 Price £


 2000 x 700 x 1500 - open sheet trolley

 £ 255.00 + Delivery Charge Call for details


 2000 x 700 x 1500 - plywood deck sheet trolley

 £ 289.00 + Delivery Charge Call for details


 Braked Castors 2 swivel



There are two main options to consider and your particular requirements are likely to dictate which you opt for – the model that comes fitted with a ply deck or that one that has an open base. Both models have the same load capacity of 500kg. There are 2 fixed castors at one end and 2 swivel rubber tyres at the other end, allowing for effective movement and steering. A range of colour options are also available.

Please call a member of the friendly Direct Storage sales team for much more information.









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