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Being Picky about your Picking Bins

Written by: Direct Storage

Picking bins or shelf bins are often the multicoloured little wonders that hold your whole storage solution together. Okay, so ideally you need shelves to put them on but they are so versatile that you can rest them on pretty much any surface, including the floor if you are really stuck for space!

Picking BinsOf course, they don’t have to be multicoloured but the wide range of colours available really helps those who prefer to have their storage system colour coded - one product in red, another item in yellow and so on.

Once again, if you are short of space, most picking bins can also be stacked one on top of the other which really means you can utilise your available storage room the way it best suits your enterprise.

As well as being a colourful, versatile storage marvel, shelf bins are also available in a wide variety of sizes. If you want to separate smaller components from larger ones, the different sizes can really help. With a section on the front adequate enough to stick on clear and precise labelling, they really can make a great addition to a stock room, warehouse, garage or other business venture’s small parts storage.



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