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Lockable Metal Storage Cabinets

Storage cupboards and storage cabinets perform a very important function in both the industrial and business sectors. As well as the obvious storage facility, cupboards can also prove to be crucial in both the protection and security of the items contained within, all with free delivery!

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  From £157

Standard Cupboards 

 in widths of 610mm - 915mm - 1220mm

Standard Storage Cabinets

From £165

Hazardous Storage Cabinets

  Hazardous Cabinets 


From £160 

Next Day Delivery Cupboards

Next Day Cabinets 

 From £159

Coshh cabinets

Coshh Cabinets


From £165

Narrow Storage Cabinets

Narrow Cabinets

from 525mm

From £219

Janitorial Cupboards

Janitorial Cabinets 


There is a wide selection of metal cabinets available and the majority of our storage cupboards at Direct Storage are lockable. At the close of business and the end of a day, knowing you can lock up all those important documents or files along with all those expensive and irreplaceable tools, pieces of machinery or equipment, can provide great peace of mind.


From £250 

Extra Wide Cupboards 

Extra Wide Cabinets


From £223

Personal Storage Cupboards

Personal Equipment



650mm deep cabinets 

550mm & 650mm
Deep Cabinets


 Wardrobe Cupboards

Wardrobe Cabinets

There is practically no limit as to what can be stored in your cabinets and cupboards. Whether it is cabinets for the storage of hazardous materials, which come in a bright yellow colour, complete with all the important labelling such as “flammable” or “highly flammable” or maybe something perhaps on the opposite end of the spectrum. Plastic, self assembly cupboards are obviously much lighter than there metal counterparts but are still strong and sturdy and able to store a wide range of items.


Mobile Base units


Mobile Bases for Cabinets 



Wall cupboards

Wall Cupboards


High Security Cupboards

High Security 



Acid Cabinets

Acid Cabinets


Multi Use Cupboard

Multi Use Tool


Cupboard with Louvre Panels

Bin Cupboards


Steel Tool Chest

Tool Chests



Aluminium Boxes


Aluminium Chests

Some cupboards prove to be very versatile such as personal equipment cupboards which can be particularly useful in industry or the building trade for example. Ideal, perhaps for use on building sites, where each day you need to store things such as clothing, footwear and other personal items, these metal cabinets can prove to be extremely secure, especially in the hustle and bustle of an often chaotic building site. 


First Aid Cabinets

First Aid Cabinets




Low Storage Cupboards

Low Cabinets



Flat Pack Cupboards

Flat Pack Cabinets



PPE Cabinet

PPE Cabinets



Wire Mesh Cupboards

Wire Mesh Cabinets



Clothing Lockers

Clothing Lockers


Please feel free to browse our full range of secure storage cupboards and storage cabinets. We are confident that will be able to meet your needs.


elite GUARD
 - Anti-bacterial powder coating an effective solution to fight against bacterial contamination for the life of the coating. Independently tested and found to be 99.9% effective against MRSA and E-coli. Also shown to exhibit zero growth for fungi and moulds.

elite GUARD
 offers the healthcare, food and those users requiring stringent hygienic environments an effective secondary support to existing cleaning practices in the fight against bacterial contamination.


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