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Hazardous Substance Cabinets

Written by: Direct Storage

Yellow for a Reason

There’s always one isn’t there? One who wants to stand out from the crowd! Well, in the case of the usually bright yellow hazardous substances cabinet, there is a very good reason for all its apparent attention seeking!
Hazardous Substance Cabinets
The cabinets in question perform a very important role in an overall storage solution, especially within industries that have many of these “hazardous” substances on site.

If you need to have these cabinets on site, then they need (in addition to being yellow) to be clearly labelled up with the relevant warning stickers. All cabinets of this nature should be lockable and meet the standards set out by the “Highly Flammable and Liquefied Petroleum Gases Regulations 1972 (Section 5 Part D), Health & Safety Executive Guide HS (G) 51 1990 and Factory Inspectorate Certificate Approval No 1 Parts 3 and 4" and DSEAR 2002”.

They are available in various sizes, so whether your business enterprise is large or small, there is no excuse to not have the right and proper equipment on site. All your employees need to be protected adequately and storing hazardous substances anywhere else, other than in the safety of the designated storage areas could literally lead to disaster.

So, hazardous substance cabinets may not blend in with your overall colour scheme, but they will help to keep everyone safe and secure at work!



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