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High Security Cupboards - The Advantages

Written by: Direct Storage

There are times when your storage needs to be a little more specialised than just a standard cupboard. There may be certain requirements at work or at home that demand a more secure kind of storage, perhaps for insurance reasons or maybe safety reasons or simply because you value the contents of the cupboard in question. This is where our High Security Cupboards could perfectly serve a purpose.
So, let’s just have a brief look at some of the things that make these cupboards “high security”. High Security Cabinets Secure Cupboards

1. Thick Steel - These cupboards or cabinets are made from steel which is 1.5mm thick and coated with epoxy-polyester which is extremely durable.

2. Locks - The Direct Storage single door security cabinets have 7 lever anti pick locks fitted whilst if you opt for the double door variation you also get the addition of slam locks!

3. Security Design - Of course with security in mind, there is a design to match with a wrap around welded construction which limits the opportunity to lever the cabinets open with tools such as screwdrivers. In addition, these cupboards can be fitted to both walls and doors thanks to a series of pre-drilled holes to the rear and underneath.

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