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How to Buy Shelving & Racking Guide   

Follow our simple guide, on how to order the correct type, size and quantity of Shelving or Racking

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What's a Starter Bay?

A Starter Bay is a bay of racking consisting of two frames and is usually (standard) supplied with sets of beams - two beams make up a level.

For most types of racking, you can purchase additional levels.

*Each run of racking or shelving - a run is a length of racking comprising more than one bay - must include a starter bay

What's an Add on Bay?

An add on bay is not a standalone bay of racking but is added to a starter bay to extend it. While a starter bay consists of 2 frames and a number levels, an add on bay is 1 frame and any number of levels.

Important information about starter bays:

  • You must have a starter bay to attach an add on bay to.
  • For each run of racking you must have 1 starter bay; the remaining bays can all be add-on bays.

What's a Level?

A level is the same as a shelf and for the majority of our racking and shelving a level is made up of 2 beams and a sheet of chipboard or steel; for our garment racking a level consists of just two, rounded beams.



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