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International Shelving Month at Direct Storage

Written by: Direct Storage

Shelf Highlights

We usually find that there is a national or international day, week or month for pretty much everything! However, after a bit (really, only a bit, so I could be wrong) of research I have concluded that there isn’t one of these special days, weeks or even months for the humble shelving system.

So, here at Direct Storage, without going as far as to declare an official international shelving month, we are going to spend the next few weeks of February highlighting our range of shelving systems and units.

You might say, “How many kinds of shelving can there be?” You might be surprised by the answer, because we live in a society absolutely dependant on shelves! Don’t believe me? Have a look around right now...see a shelf? Thought so!

There is your typical standard shelving along with heavy duty and medium duty shelves. There are shelves that don’t require any bolts, there are systems designed particularly for specific environments, such as food environments or clothing environments.

There are shelving systems that cover a full range of budget requirements and those that are made from different materials, such as a plastic shelf or a chrome wire shelf.

As the month progresses we will have a closer look at some of these units and see what jobs they might best be suited to.



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