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 Practicle Ways to keep Office Documents Organised  

Written by: Steve King


Practical Ways to Keep Office

Documents Organised

A paperless environment may not be entirely possible in an actual office setting. Even if file management is made easy by computers and the Internet, some files must be printed out and stored for future reference. With this in mind, you must ensure that your workspace is organised and documents are properly archived. Otherwise, you will have a hard time hunting for a particular contract or receipt when the need for any of them arises. Now if you have cabinets and drawers in place, well and good. What you need now is to set up a system that will make filing and searching easier.

  • Nothing beats proper labelling. What better way to help you find your way through tons of storage shelves than labels and names? As simple as arranging those in alphabetical order can go a long way. Of course, you need to keep a consistent and permanent naming system to avoid confusion. The information must be disseminated to employees and the rest of the organisation as well. That way, everyone will know their way around and would not have to waste time rummaging through the entire storage area.
  • Make it a point to file rather than pile. There are instances that you are too busy to place documents inside cabinets immediately after you used them. In this case, place a tray nearby or on your desk where you can keep them temporarily. Before you leave the office, set aside ten minutes or so to store those papers. It is a must that all documents of the day are kept in a designated storage place. If you leave them piling up indefinitely, it could be hard for you to locate them afterwards. Imagine how inconvenient that will be, especially if you need to review one or two of them and you have no idea exactly where they are.
  • Utilise racks and containers for everyday use. Now there are items that you are likely to use often such as pens, envelopes, papers, and the like. It will be wise to place the right storage and trays for them on your desk, or wherever they will be easy to reach. That will help you save time in searching for them every time you need to use them.


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