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Clothes Storage Lockers

Storage lockers are seen and used throughout the working world and although their task in essence is simple, there are a number of different kinds of locker that are suitable for different kinds of environments.

 Clothes Lockers Standard

 Clean and dirty lockers


 Standard Lockers


Clean & Dirty Lockers


Lockers by nature add that bit of extra security to personal belongings or perhaps elements of stock and business equipment that wouldn’t normally be provided by non lockable storage.   

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Next Day Delivery Lockers is delighted to offer a wide range of lockers that will equip your business or your workforce with all the appropriate storage. 

 Mesh Clothes Locker Single


Cube Lockers

 Two Person lockers

 Mesh Lockers

Cube Lockers

Two Person

 Perforated Door Lockers

 Vision Panel Lockers

School Lockers 

Perforated Lockers

 Vision Panel Lockers


   Personal Effects Lockers  

 Personal Effects


Clothes Lockers  

Clothes lockers are perhaps one of the most commonly required lockers in business, especially in industrial sectors. Employees arriving for work in their own clothes often need to change into specific work wear (which may include special safety wear) in order to do their jobs.

Clean and Dirty Lockers or Combi lockers are perfect for these situations. Two hanging compartments allow the user to safely store personal clothes and work clothes and keep them completely separate. Combi Lockers enable the user to store other items (perhaps personal effects) as well as clothes in the same locker.

If it’s simply personal effects lockers that you need, then we have both 4 door and 8 door variations available in both grey and a mixture of grey and blue. The majority of our other lockers are available in a wide range of different colours which may suit colour coded storage or the decor of the building.

Metal Lockers with a Difference

The majority of metal lockers at now contain Abbeysteel which is unique sustainably sourced steel. See below for more information.In reflecting the needs of businesses that demand a low carbon economy by improving the environmental credentials of products that are used every day. can announce that all of our single-to-eight door lockers and five to-fifteen door garment dispensers now contain Abbeysteel™ Sustainably Sourced Steel, a unique raw material that can show a significantly reduced carbon footprint of the products that contain it and the businesses that use it.

Abbeysteel™ is the world’s first green brandof sustainably sourced steel that has beencreated to showcase a prime steel by-productthat is sourced from a range of UK multi industryapplications. Abbeysteel™ combinesthe uniqueness of a trademarked raw materialand that of a sustainable material resource forbusinesses that would like to show a reducedimpact on the environment by reusing materials.


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