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Look! No Bolts! Keeping it Simple with Boltless Shelving

Written by: Direct Storage

So, we have ordered our latest piece of furniture or we have picked up some new shelving from one of the DIY outlets and the time has come to open the packaging. We battle our way through the cardboard and bindings and out slides, what seems to be innumerable pieces of what we eventually hope will be our shelving system for the garage, or for our new business enterprise we are embarking on.

Boltless ShelvingAlready dismayed at the amount of pieces needing assembly, we shake the box and out slide a few little plastic bags full of nuts, bolts, screws and an assembly diagram that looks more complicated than our introduction to algebra!

If you have seen enough nuts and bolts to last a lifetime, why not consider boltless shelving? Thanks to the simple yet effective design, which includes punched holes in the uprights, the shelves themselves are slotted in place, perhaps with the aid of a rubber mallet.

That’s effectively all that’s need for assembly, the boltless shelving pack and a mallet to firm everything into place. Within minutes, your new storage system is ready to go. No complicated diagrams, no juggling screws and bolts, just well designed, strong shelving units.



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