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On the Shelf - Selecting Sensible Storage

Written by: Direct Storage

Selecting Sensible Storage

Are your old shelves looking a bit worse for wear? Are they gathering layers of dust or worse still layers of rust? Are they getting a bit long in the tooth and creaky?

Is your existing shelving simply a makeshift attempt at storage until you can afford something better? Perhaps it’s completely wrong for what you are trying to store, with products pushed awkwardly into position, overhanging the edge of the shelf because it’s completely the wrong size.

Shelving Shelves shelfA little bit of thought and pre-planning needs to go into your next order of shelving.
An organised and well thought out floor space or factory space can really make a massive difference. Not just for the employees who will be better able to utilise and move about in the work areas but for the overall wellbeing of a business.

So, you need to consider your space and think about what sort of shelving will be most appropriate. Do you need heavy duty shelving in your industry or will medium duty shelving work better in your environment?

If your business is office related, then archive shelving is likely going to be best suited for your offices.

Take a look at the massive selection of shelves at and choose carefully for long term success.



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