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Pallet Racking

12th April 2011
Written by: Steve King

The Multipurpose Storage Solution

British businesses indeed, many companies trading in the Western world face the challenge of availability of storage space. With more than normal constraints on expansion, British businesses have to look for other ways to make the most of the storage space they already have. That is where pallet racking comes in new or pre owned, racking is the ideal way to make an existing warehouse space work to its real space potential.
The problem with expanding, in the eyes of a small business, is this. If you take the plunge and buy the premises that your current rate of expansion suggests you are going to need, then you have to ride out a transition period where you are paying rent on a place that exceeds your current storage needs. Once you have grown to fill it, orders wise, you will be fine but you can easily move from a place that has grown too small for your weekly order turnover, into a place that is currently too big.
Pallet racking doesn't have to be manufactured and freshly painted straight from the factory in order for it to fully serve its purpose – it needs to be sound, strong and properly installed. With the added bonus of considerable financial savings, used pallet racking has to be considered.
Do you have damaged pallet rack in your facility that needs to be replaced? Because of these tough economic times, have you delayed doing anything about the damaged rack because of the cost, down time and inconvenience involved. Find out why pallet rack repair is a safe, cost effective, alternative to replacing it that is far less intrusive to your daily operations.
Are you looking for the very best in efficient large area storage? Pallet Racking will give you maximum, adjustable storage tailored to suit your area. With 100% accessibility of your goods, you are able to get good stock rotation, fast picking rates and high floor area utilisation increasing work efficiency and productivity.
There are many types of pallet racking systems and, depending on the products you are storing, you may want to look at each system to evaluate its' appropriateness for meeting your needs and requirements. The use of these systems allow an entrepreneur to keep a large inventory in a relatively small space stored vertically...In such straitened times, where do you find the money to sustain the move?
Used, pre owned pallet racking may be an ideal solution both for business that have made the move and for those that do not want to. In almost every case, a currently cramped warehouse can be turned back onto a free flowing storage environment by the clever addition of some modern pallet racks. A bigger warehouse, if your company has just moved, can be fitted out with more cost effectiveness if you do it using second hand pallet racks. In both cases you maximise your storage space for a minimal outlay which means you can pump your available spare cash into the physical mechanics of supplying an increased volume of orders.
Modern pallet racking can be fitted bespoke into any space and that goes for the pre owned variety as well. The racking is built from struts, shelving units and cross bars, all of which can be arranged in any combination to suit the available dimensions. All second hand racking is inspected and safety is guaranteed before it is sold on. In good condition and properly installed, used pallet racking should last as long as new racking. Save yourself a packet and get some used pallet racking instead of new, minimising damage to cash flow and improving storage capacity in one move.
The fittings you can get for pallet racking will further enhance your spaces usability factor. You can add decking to create a shelf environment. Or you could use stackable retention units, clever collapsible containers to convert flat pallets into robust cages, retaining the goods securely and reducing health and safety risks. Stackable retention units may be stored in the pallet racking or alternatively block stacked on each other.
Pre owned pallet racking is little short of a godsend, in these less than favourable financial times. Don’t run the risk of overstretching those books. Get yourself the storage solution you need for a price you can actually afford.




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