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Plastic Picking Bins 

Small Parts Storage Picking Bins

What is a picking bin? Well, picking bins, sometimes also known as shelf bins are effectively storage units that are shaped a little like a deep tray with an open front and top. Frequently used (although not exclusively) in factories, warehouses and stockrooms.

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, they are ideally used for small parts storage, such as nuts, bolts and screws. Often made from polypropylene which makes them hard wearing and sturdy yet light enough to handle comfortably, there are also more temporary picking bins that are made from cardboard. 

 Premium Picking Bins 

Picking Bins PremiumNext Day Delivery Available

6 Sizes
4 colours
Designed for use with Louvre Panels
Next Day Delivery
From Barton Bins - Topstore Range

Standard Picking Bins

Picking bins standard


7 sizes
4 colours
Ekwo Bins

 Budget Picking Bins

picking bins budget


5 Sizes
Blue or Yellow 
Next Day Delivery


 Cardboard Picking Bins

Cardboard Picking Bins

Wide Range of Sizes
Brown or White
Eco Friendly

 Anti Static Picking Bins

Electro conductive picking bins

5 Sizes
Electro Conductive
Next Day Delivery

 Louvred Panels

Louvre wall panels

Range of Sizes



 Steel Picking Bins

Vista Bins, galvanised steel

Large Picking Bins
with Lids

Sorting bins

 Large Stacking
Picking Bins

Stackable Container Unit

  Component Shelf Bins

Component Bins


The ranges of shelf bins at are mostly stackable which makes tidy and efficient storage even easier.

If your storage design is a little more vertical, then our premium picking bins are also designed to be hung on louvre panels, making them a truly versatile storage option.

For those of who maintain colour coded storage systems, our bins come in a range of colours that will slot easily into your system, allowing for clear identification and labelling on a small front panel or panels.

If you also require the louvre panels (along with a selection of spacemasters and trolleys) in order to wall mount our range of premium picking bins, then they are available to order in 5 different imperial sizes.

If you are looking for competitively priced storage solutions, then please feel free to browse our full selection of storage containers, shelving, cupboards and cabinets. Please contact our friendly and helpful staff if you have any questions about our range of products here at





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