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Shelf Bins - Perfect for Small Parts Storage

Written by: Direct Storage

Shelf bins are perhaps the unsung heroes of the storage industry. They may look relatively insignificant sitting on the shelf but they are in fact a vital component to any effective small parts storage solution.
They can be used in all sorts of work sectors, including industrial, mechanical and indeed retail and it’s likely we have all encountered shelf bins at some point, either in our jobs or on our shopping trips.

Shelf Bins - Component BinsThey are available in colourful plastic, cardboard or even steel and are great for putting specific small components in or even just bits and pieces if you want a few small shelf bins for the garage at home! They are one of the most effective and versatile parts of an overall storage solution and here at Direct Storage our range is extensive.

You can get them with or without lids, depending on your preference and there are various kinds suited to different budget ranges with our premium, standard and budget versions. Depending on which you choose you could have a choice of up to 7 colours, which is particularly helpful if you like to arrange your storage with a colour code in mind.

Please feel free to check out our full range of shelf bins and picking bins over on the main website.



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