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Written by: Direct Storage

Storing Old Things in a New Year

As the New Year rolled in just a week or so ago, what resolutions did you make as you crossed the threshold into 2012?

Perhaps, you vowed to eat or drink lees? Perhaps you decided you would be more positive and take opportunities when they arrived, or perhaps you just decided that the old, dilapidated shelving at your warehouse or office simply has to get replaced!

The shelving you bought previously was cheap and obviously came off the ark and for the past few years your archive system has been causing you a massive headache. Files and boxes have fallen of the old wooden shelves that were never wide enough in the first place, and important documents have been strewn across the floor, making you embarrassed every time you need to retrieve a file!

Well, how about with the New Year, you also invest in some new archive shelving? Just picture it, brand new shelving that fits perfectly into your archive room, is neat and tidy and all your files and boxes also fit perfectly, because of course it’s all made to measure!

Take your business by the scruff of the neck in 2012, get organised and get some shelving that actually works for you, not against you!



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