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Shelving on a Budget

Written by: Direct Storage

Affordable Shelves for all Purposes

Well, with February drawing to a close, we hope that you have enjoyed some of our shelf related themes on the blog, some of them pointing you in the right direction for specific kinds of shelving and others purely for fun.

We have plenty of shelving systems stocked at that we haven’t been able to feature this month but perhaps one of the most important ones we should leave you with this month, especially with the financial climate being the way it is, is budget shelving.Budget Shelving Cheap Shelving Units

There is no great secret to it; it really is a case of shelving that is much more affordable for a range of budget requirements. If you are looking to add some extra storage space to the home or even the garage, then our range of budget steel shelving will be well suited.

With shelf depths of either 300 or 450mm and a boltless design system, it means that within a matter of a few minutes your new shelves can be assembled and installed into your garage. The framework is powder coated in blue and the shelves made from chipboard, there is even the option of either having 1 higher bay or 2 shorter ones, thanks to the split upright.

Please contact us via our sales team for more details regarding any of our shelving units.



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