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Slotted Angle

Written by: Direct Storage

It’s like Lego for Grown Ups

Lego has perhaps stood the test of time because of its quality but perhaps even more so because of its simplicity. The joy you felt as a kid when you were able to build something really cool and exciting, really quickly was immense!

As a fully fledged adult, (you might still be a Lego fan) you can get the same sense of achievement when working with slotted angle and in the particularly hurly burly world of business, being able to assemble something so speedily can not only save time but money too!
Slotted Steel Angle - Handy Angle
We have a shelving theme threaded throughout February here at Direct Storage and slotted angle, slots (pardon the pun) perfectly into that theme! You can make really cost effective shelf units with some slotted steel angle.

Perhaps you do a lot of work out in the shed or garage but you never have anywhere to store anything. You could do a lot worse than have a row of steel angle shelving down one side, so that you can store all of your important bits and pieces on it and not have to go hunting high and low for them ever again.

Check out our slotted angle page for much more information about how easy it is to assemble and what you can make with it.



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