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Storage on the Move- Mobile Shelving 

Written by: Direct Storage

Mobile Trolley Shelving

If you have been following our blog posts this month, then you may have noticed and emphasis on shelving. Yes, we are staging our very own (unofficial) International shelving month here at Direct Storage with the aim to highlight a whole range of shelving systems that are available and suitable for a variety of different purposes.

Trolley & Mobile ShelvingLet’s face it, we all need shelves...big shelves, little shelves, heavy shelves and light shelves! Shelving systems that are different widths and different heights and shelves that can move!

What was that last one, shelves that can move? Yes! At Direct Storage we stock what we call mobile trolley shelving which really does exactly what it says on the tin. Available with 4 or 5 different levels, this trolley shelving can be particularly useful if storage space in general is at a premium, allowing you to move the unit and everything on it into a new position.

You might work in an environment where loads need to be moved frequently from one location to another, once again making the trolley shelving ideal, with its sturdy castors. The shelves themselves are made from chipboard and we can supply both standard duty and heavy duty units.

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