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Tote Pans

Written by: Direct Storage

Effective Small Parts Storage

The word “Tote” in the case of tote pans means to “carry” something or perhaps store something. I remember seeing whole rows of tote pans in my dad’s garage. He used to keep all sorts of things in them, nuts, bolts, screws and there were some larger ones with tools in.
Steel Tote Pans With effective handles on either side, they were easy to pick up and move to another area. For example, in the middle of the garage was a large workbench and dad would often move the tote pan or pans that he needed over to the bench so he could have easy access to the contents while he was working.
Of course, tote pans (very often made from galvanised steel) are not just for your dad’s garage but can be used in any place that requires any form of small parts storage.

Perhaps, most commonly used in warehouses and stockrooms where they are labelled up and contain all sorts of different components.

You might also see mechanics dipping in and out of them in a motor garage as all the small engine parts and other bits and pieces are kept in them.
It is evident that the tote pan really is a bit of a workhorse, across many industries and proves to be an essential part of an effective storage solution.



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