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Why is a Good Storage Solution so Important?

Written by: Julian Price

Some years ago, I worked for a section of a large building company. Our department involved everything to do with the building of interiors, such as partition walls, doors, windows and basically kitting out offices, factories, shop units and other buildings.
I was hired for the storeroom and warehouse and was tasked with overhauling an outdated and chaotic storage system and some task it was! In the middle of the overhaul, one of the joiners said it looked like a disaster zone and I replied saying, “It was so bad that it had to get worse before it gets better!”
This turned out to be true and after a week or so of intensive changes, the place looked and more importantly worked so much better!
New shelving for some of the smaller components, tidied up loading bays for some of the larger ones with better racking systems and the difference was immediately noticeable.
My working environment became much easier to work in and the work itself was more manageable and everything simply worked much more effectively.

So, if you are getting a little frustrated with the clutter and mess of your work environment, it may well be that your storage solution needs upgrading and modernising. It worked for me!

Guest blog written by J Price:   Content Writer 


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