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Adjustable Garment Racks and Clothing Rails

Garment racking is an extremely useful and versatile form of storage. It can be used in large warehouses and shops. Smaller, mobile clothing rails can even be used in the home. The great news is that it’s probably one of the cheapest forms of mass storage available.

Garment racks


Garment Racks offer a boltless design allows for quick and easy installation, supplied with 2/3 levels .

Our range of clothing rails are available in two height options adjustable on 38mm pitches

 Garment Rail detail back

 Garment Rail Detail front


If you work in the clothing industry, either on the production side or the retail side, it is likely you will be very familiar with this sort of racking. Warehouses can store row upon row of racking, which enables a large scale and cost effective storage solution for this particular industry.

Garment Hanging Racks

Code H x W x D (mm) Levels Price  
R2GR663242 1980 x 915 x 610 2 99.00  Add to Basket
R2GR664242 1980 x 1220 x 610 2 115.00  Add to Basket
R2GR665242 1980 x 1524 x 610 2 129.00  Add to Basket
R2GR103243 3048 x 915 x 610 3 129.00  Add to Basket

3048 x 1220 x 610

3 145.00  Add to Basket


3048 x 1524 x 610 3 159.00  Add to Basket

Designer clothing stores also utilise garment racking which often makes it much easier to stock and browse through clothing saving both time and money. Stock taking exercises can also be made much easier with this sort of system.

At Direct Storage we stock both free standing and wall fixing garment racks which enable you to tailor the racking to your own particular requirements and space. Installation is as quick and easy as the system is to use with a boltless production design. Each rack is supplied with either 2 or 3 levels and the height is of course adjustable.

Wall Fixed Garment Rails

 Garment racks wall fixed Wall Fixed Garment Rail

 Wall fixed garment rack detail Fixing Bracket


Code   Price £  
GWAL1 2 Levels 1980 x 915 x 350 57.00
GWAL2 2 Levels 1980 x 1220 x 350 60.00
GWAL3 2 Levels 1980 x 1524 x 350 63.00
GWAL4 3 Levels 3048 x 915 x 350 77.00
GWAL5 3 Levels 3048 x 1220 x 350 80.00
GWAL6 3 Levels 3048 x 1524 x 350 83.00


Garment Shelving - Garment Racking

Garment Shelving Unit


  Adjustable Garment shelving and Garment Racks

  Each garment rail can hold 50kg of clothing

  Beams allow multipositioning of 1,2,3 or 4 garment rails

  Rail Positions on garment shelving



Each of our clothing rack variations is available in 6 different sizes but due to the versatile design it is easy to place several racks together if needed.

Code Description Price Extra
BAY1 1980 x 915 x 455 109.00 26.00 9.00
BAY2 1980 x 915 x 610 119.00 28.00 9.00
BAY3 1980 x 1220 x 455 119.00 28.00 11.00
BAY4 1980 x 1220 x 610 129.00 30.00 11.00
BAY5 1980 x 1525 x 455 129.00 30.00 14.00
BAY6 1980 x 1525 x 610 139.00 30.00 14.00


Garment Shelving Unit

Extra Garment Hanging Level Extra Garment Rail
  Extra Level Size
  Rail Length


Mobile Garment Rail - Mobile Clothes Rail

Garment Rail


Sturdy Steel construction available in either black or silver.

Garment Rails are easy to Self Assemble

100mm diameter swivel wheels





 Hangers Not Included

Code Size Colour Price  
GR1 1820 x 1700 x 510 Black 95.00  Add to Basket
GR2 1820 x 1700 x 510 Silver 95.00  Add to Basket

The mobile garment rail is available in either black or silver and this is the one that could even prove useful in a home setting. In the winter months or when on an economy drive, why not set one of these up in the garage or utility room and hang the clothes to dry or air.




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