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 Metal Storage Cupboards and Cabinets  

Available in 3 Widths - 915mm - 1220mm - 610mm

We only describe our standard cupboards as “standard” because they are great all rounder’s in the sense that they can solve a whole host of storage problems. We also stock a comprehensive range of cupboards that are specialised in nature, such as COSHH cupboards, First Aid cupboards, Acid and Pesticide cabinets and high security cupboards.

Cabinets Group 


Delivered fully assembled

Heavy duty welded frame.

Extra shelves are available

Each shelf can store 70Kg UDL


Supplied with 2 sets of keys







Our standard cupboards are suitable for warehouse environments as well as practically anywhere else; they are heavy duty and can stand up to plenty of wear and tear in the busiest work places.

All the cupboards are lockable and are supplied as standard with 2 keys (perhaps you need to appoint 2 key holders or just keep a spare in a safe place).

Within the standard range there are a number of different configurations available as far as the inside of the cupboard or cabinet is concerned. Take a look at the images of each one to decide which has the best set up for your individual requirements.

 Images Below Show the Different Internal Cabinet Configuration's that are available

Standard Cupboard  Personal Cupboard  Standard Wardrobe  Janitorial Cupboard Standard Cupboard with doors closed

        A Standard        B Personal        C Wardrobe       D Janitorial             Exterior of Tall

“Standard” has a number of horizontal shelves (more can be added if needed). “Personal” has a number of shelves down one side, with a more open space on the other which is suitable for hanging clothes and another small shelf above that clothing area. “Wardrobe” is a wardrobe style cabinet with plenty of room for clothes to be hung with storage space below and “Janitorial” is similar to “personal” only the space is better equipped for larger tools and the shelf at the top is larger.

Available in multiple colours and sizes our standard cupboards are perfect for most storage solutions.

Supplied with Grey Bodies as Standard  and a choice of 7 door colour options are available.

Cupboards colour range

 We offer Free Delivery on all Standard Cupboards & Cabinets !

  Standard Storage Cupboards and Cabinets 915mm Wide






 Single Door Cupboard
910 x 457 x 457
2 Shelves






Low Cupboard
1000 x 915 x 457 
1 Shelf 






Tall Cupboard
1830 x 915 x 457
3 Adjustable



 Best Seller




1830 x 915 x 457
3 half adjustable
shelfs 1 full shelf with
 hanging rail 





1830 x 915 x 457 
1 shelf with hanging rail





1830 x 915 x 457 
3 half adjustable
1 Full shelf 




 Extra Shelf
915 x 457

 £ 13



  Standard Cupboards and Cabinets 1220mm Wide



Extra Wide
1830 x 1220 x 457
3 Shelves






1830 x 1220 x 457
 4 half shelves 





1830 x 1220 x 457  
4 half shelves & hanging rail 





 1830 x 1220 x 457
1 shelf with hanging rail in 2 sections




Extra Shelf
1220 x 457 



  Standard Cupboards & Cabinets 610mm Wide

                   620mm wide cabinet   620wide janitors cabninet  610 personal equipment cabinet  610mm wide wardrobe cabinet  620mm wide cabinet external image

                     A       B              C             D         External 



 610mm Wide
1830 x 610 x 457
3 Shelves





 610mm Janitorial
1830 x 610 x 457
 1 top shelf 3 half shelves and hanging area






  610 mm Personal
1830 x 610 x 457  
2 hanging Compartments and top shelf 






  610mm Wardrobe
 1830 x 610 x 457
1 shelf and 1 hanging rail





  610mm Extra Shelf
610 x 457




 Free Delivery on all Standard Cabinets

7/10 day delivery on the standard range of cupboards on this page (all the above)


Our Standard Range of Cupboards and Metal Storage Cabinets are lockable and are welded and riveted in construction. Doors are rebated within the cupboard frame for additional security. Semi concealed hinges are welded to the door and riveted to the frame, allowing easy replacement of damaged doors. Selected doors are reinforced with a profiled steel section for added strength. 

Top and bottom plinths are vented with air circulation holes. Manufactured with quality CR4 steel and AbbeysteelTM sustainable sourced steel. Components are polyester powder coated with an anti-bacterial additive - elite Guard prior to assembly to ensure all surfaces are protected. A selection of lock options available.

elite GUARD - Anti-bacterial powder coating an effective solution to fight against bacterial contamination for the life of the coating. Independently tested and found to be 99.9% effective against MRSA and E-coli. Also shown to exhibit zero growth for fungi and moulds.



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