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Tote Pans
Metal Tote Pans - Steel Tote Pans

Tote pans are great for storage, especially for small parts and components which can fit neatly into the various sized pans. The word “Tote” itself effectively translates to “carry” and that’s exactly what metal tote pans are designed for, to carry and store smaller items and work as one part of a much larger storage solution.

Tote Pans Galvanised steel tote pans are perhaps the most commonly used, at least within Europe. They are strong and sturdy, yet light enough to manoeuvre and move around. A handle on the front makes it much easier to “draw” each pan away from its storage location.

Our Range of metal tote pans are available in many sizes and here at Direct Storage we stock a great range, varying in size from 305x305x150mm to 600x400x150mm.


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Size (mm)

 Price Each



 305 x 305 x 150

 £ 9.50

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 455 x 305 x 150

 £ 11.50

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 610 x 305 x 150

 £ 13.00

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 305 x 305 x 90

 £ 8.50

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 455 x 305 x 90

 £ 10.00

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 610 x 305 x 90

 £ 12.00

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 305 x 255 x 150

 £ 9.50

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 455 x 255 x 150

 £ 11.00

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 610 x 255 x 150


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 600 x 400 x 150


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***Please call for current lead times***

Versatility is also a genuine benefit as each pan can be manipulated with a range of accessories such as dividers which can split a single pan into multiple sections, enabling the user to store several different items in the same tote pan. They can also very easily be fitted with lids which are perfect for environments that strive to be dust free.

 Tote Pan Accessories

Tote pan end colours

A - Coloured End on Tote pans
B - Dividers (1,2 or 3 per bin)
C - Parts Bins (removable)
D - Slide on Lids
E - Embossed Sides with company name Max 25 Characters (50min)
F - Perforated Bases (12mm hole on 40mm pitch)



 Price £



 Divider Posistion Slots


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 Removable Divider


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 Part Pans 130 x 130 x 100mm


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 Part Pans 255 x 130 x 100mm


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 Slide on  Lid for TP1-TP4-TP7


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 Slide on Lid for TP2 -TP5-TP8


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 Slide on Lid for TP3-TP6-TP9-TP10


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 Perforated base  for TP1-TP4-TP7
 12mm Diameter on 40mm pitch


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 Perforated base for TP2 -TP5-TP8
 12mm Diameter on 40mm pitch


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 Perforated base for TP3-TP6-TP9-TP10
 12mm Diameter on 40mm pitch


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 Both Sides Embossed
 25 Characters (min 50)


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 Coloured Ends -Blue


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 Coloured Ends -Red


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 Coloured Ends - Green


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 Coloured Ends - Yellow


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Labels can be attached to the front to make each pan’s components easy to identify which makes them ideal for any warehouse or storeroom.

As well as the tote pans themselves we also stock a variety of racks that are designed especially for tote pan storage.

In fact, whatever your storage needs, you are likely to find it here at Direct Storage and if you can’t see something you are looking for, then please call us and one of our team members will be glad to help.  

We can also supply specialist tote pan products to compliment your tote pans these include, pick-up trolleys, rack trolleys, under worktop and order picking trolleys give even greater flexibility in movement of stock.

Each tote pan is resistant to heat and Oil, tote pans will not burn or give off toxic smoke, Stackable with a capacity of 30Kg. Rated 0 Fire spread. 

We can also supply Mesh Tote Pans & Plastic Tote Pans

Please call for current lead times on all tote pans



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