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cupboards, cabinets 18/11/2020

Top 10 Cupboards

A top ten of cupboards and cabinets you say? Yes, and a pretty exiting little compilation it is! Which cupboard or cabinet will make it to the coveted number one spot? 10. Let’s kick off the chart with this week’s number 10. Holding steady and ever popular is the standard storage cupboard. For everyday use, pretty versatile and does pretty much what it says on the tin. 9. At number 9 is the wardrobe storage cupboard. It looks like a cupboard but it behaves more like a wardrobe and is... Read More


Anti Static Containers – No Shocks!

Why would we need anti static containers? We are all now so used to the fast paced world of technology, that we barely raise an eyebrow when the latest gadgets are released onto the market. New computers, new mobile phones, new HD televisions, videogame consoles and the list could go on and on. All of the components (many of them really tiny) have to be constructed and produced under really specific conditions in order for them to be absolutely free of static by the time they are inserted into your... Read More


Shelf Bins – Perfect for Small Parts Storage

Shelf bins are perhaps the unsung heroes of the storage industry. They may look relatively insignificant sitting on the shelf but they are in fact a vital component to any effective small parts storage solution. They can be used in all sorts of work sectors, including industrial, mechanical and indeed retail and it’s likely we have all encountered shelf bins at some point, either in our jobs or on our shopping trips. They are available in colourful plastic, cardboard or even steel and are great for putting specific small components... Read More


Hazardous Substance Cabinets – Yellow for a Reason

There’s always one isn’t there? One who wants to stand out from the crowd! Well, in the case of the usually bright yellow hazardous substances cabinet, there is a very good reason for all its apparent attention seeking! The cabinets in question perform a very important role in an overall storage solution, especially within industries that have many of these “hazardous” substances on site. If you need to have these cabinets on site, then they need (in addition to being yellow) to be clearly labelled up with the relevant warning... Read More

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Look! No Bolts!

Keeping it Simple with Boltless Shelving So, we have ordered our latest piece of furniture or we have picked up some new shelving from one of the DIY outlets and the time has come to open the packaging. We battle our way through the cardboard and bindings and out slides, what seems to be innumerable pieces of what we eventually hope will be our shelving system for the garage, or for our new business enterprise we are embarking on. Already dismayed at the amount of pieces needing assembly, we shake... Read More


Anti Static Chairs – So You Don’t Short Circuit at Work

Anti static chairs are actually more beneficial to your computer or electrical based equipment than they are for you personally, although ensuring you set up the right chair for your particular place of work is always essential for health and safety reasons and can help to prevent back injuries. Anyway, back to the anti static chairs! If you work in the electronics industry, it is more than likely that your chair will need to be an anti static one. Any small amount of static electricity produced can have negative and... Read More


International Shelving Month at Direct Storage – Shelf Highlights

We usually find that there is a national or international day, week or month for pretty much everything! However, after a bit (really, only a bit, so I could be wrong) of research I have concluded that there isn’t one of these special days, weeks or even months for the humble shelving system. So, here at Direct Storage, without going as far as to declare an official international shelving month, we are going to spend the next few weeks of February highlighting our range of shelving systems and units. You... Read More

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Archive Shelving

Organising the Past to Make the Future Brighter Being asked to retrieve a file from the archive room at an office I used to work in used to fill me with fear and trepidation. The room itself was old, musty, dusty and dilapidated but compared to the state of the archive shelving and the archives themselves, the room looked relatively modern! Most structures work best when the foundation is sound and perhaps you could perhaps describe the archives as the foundation of many businesses that have to retain records and... Read More


Shelving on a Budget – Affordable Shelves for all Purposes

Well, with April drawing to a close, we hope that you have enjoyed some of our shelf related themes on the blog, some of them pointing you in the right direction for specific kinds of shelving and others purely for fun. We have plenty of shelving systems stocked at that we haven’t been able to feature this month but perhaps one of the most important ones we should leave you with this month, especially with the financial climate being the way it is, is budget shelving. There is no... Read More


Being Picky about your Picking Bins

Picking bins or shelf bins are often the multicoloured little wonders that hold your whole storage solution together. Okay, so ideally you need shelves to put them on but they are so versatile that you can rest them on pretty much any surface, including the floor if you are really stuck for space! Picking Bins Of course, they don’t have to be multicoloured but the wide range of colours available really helps those who prefer to have their storage system colour coded – one product in red, another item in... Read More