COSHH Cabinets

To understand the important role that COSHH cabinets play in the workplace, perhaps, first of all, it is a good idea to know exactly what COSHH is.

To give it its full name is, “Control of Substances Hazardous to Health”. It is a United Kingdom law and was introduced in its current guise in 2002. Essentially, it stipulates that all employers are responsible for protecting their workforce from any substances that are hazardous to health while at the place of work.

Future Proof all COSHH Cabinets compile with the new GHS labelling, which will be enforcable from June 2015

These substances could include anything from chemicals, fumes and dust to gases and biological agents (and more besides).

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COSHH Cabinets are delivered with a Harmfull Irritant Label


Additional Alternative Labels are supplied loose

burn  skull  acid  fish

Lables are easy peel and allow the switching of the primary label. Additional GHS signage information and chemical segregation guide supplied with in the cabinet

Although primarily associated with industrial sectors, these substances could be found in many different kinds of employment, so the COSHH cabinets and cupboards are required in a variety of environments.

At Direct Storage we supply these cupboards in a variety of sizes and all are specifically designed to safely and securely store all of the items or substances that fall under the COSHH law. They are strong and robust (made entirely from steel) and all the seams are welded for greater strength and integrity to ensure that the risk of leakages is vastly reduced. Each shelf is designed to carry 90kg in weight and all cabinets clearly display “Harmful and Irritant” labels.

Along with our COSHH cupboards and hazardous substances cabinets, we also stock a large array of other storage cupboards for both specialised and standard sectors. In addition, we also stock warehouse equipment and accessories, workbenches and equipment for schools.

Our COSHH Range of Cupboards and COSHH Cabinets are welded and riveted in construction. Doors are rebated within the cupboard frame for additional security. Semi concealed hinges are welded to the door and riveted to the frame, allowing easy replacement of damaged doors. Selected doors are reinforced with a profiled steel section for added strength. 

These robust cabinets benefit from welded seams to increase structural stability and reduce the risk of leakages. Designed to provide safe and secure storage of chemicals, paints and hazardous substances as defined by Coshh guidelines.

Conforms to Health & Safety Executive Guide HSG51 and DSEAR 2002.

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations apply to virtually all UK workplaces. There are mandatory requirements for employers to carry out Coshh Risk Assessments. Substances hazardous to health are those products that are capable of causing adverse effects or disease arising out of exposure from work activates. It is the employers responsibility to gather information on these products and either eradicate the risk or at least control it. Any substance labelled as Toxic, Irritant, Poison, Corrosive or Harmful fall within identifiable categories defined by Coshh.