Hazardous Cabinets

Dangerous Substance Cabinets

Hazardous substance cabinets or Dangerous Substance Cabinets certainly make a statement, in their bright yellow coats and “Highly Flammable” warning signs, and of course this is entirely intentional. As clearly defined as they are, there can be no mistaking that the contents of these cabinets or cupboards should be approached with great care and attention.

Hazardous Substance Cabinets & Cupboards come complete with a lockable door and adjustable shelves each capable of supporting 90Kg in weight, fully assembled and labelled " Flammable and Highly Flammable" Yellow in colour

  • All steel construction
  • Sump / Drip in bottom of each cabinet (fixed)
  • Free delivery on all Hazardous Substance Cupboards and Cabinets
  • Selected size's available next day !
  • GHS Labelling on Standard Range Cabinets

Many of the substances (petrol based fluids, aerosols etc) contained within these cabinets are vital elements of the industries that they might be used in and therefore need to be on site and available. However, due to their hazardous nature, it is by health and safety law that they be contained in cool, dry, secure and well signposted storage.

If you work in any of the industries that deal with these kinds of substances then you will be fully expected to have the most suitable storage solution for the contents.

Next day delivery if order before 3pm on certain sizes

Available in a good variety of sizes at Direct Storage (including mini cabinets), depending on the amount of materials that you need to safely store, as already pointed out, these cabinets are bright yellow and all come with adjustable shelves which makes organising your storage items much easier. In addition, each cabinet has a fully lockable door and with its entirely steel sides or walls, this makes them strong, durable, cool and secure for the hazardous substances.

All standard range cabinets are supplied with GHS Labelling inline with legislation with comesd in to force June 2015

Cabinets from the standard range are supplied with Flammable Warning Stickers


In addition alturnative loose stickers will be supplied, stickers are easy peel, additional GHS signage information and a chemical segregation guide will be supplied with each cabinet.

oxy   explosive

As well as these highly specialised hazardous substance cabinets, we also stock a wide range of other cupboards, cabinets and general storage solutions.

Hazardous Substance Cabinets are powder coated yellow in colour. All our cabinets are designed to comply with the "Highly Flammable and Liquefied Petroleum Gases Regulations 1972 (Section 5 Part D), Health & Safety Executive Guide HS(G)51 1990 and Factory Inspectorate Certificate Approval No 1 Parts 3 and 4" and DSEAR 2002.

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations apply to virtually all UK workplaces. There are mandatory requirements for employers to carry out Coshh Risk Assessments.

Substances hazardous to health are those products that are capable of causing adverse effects or disease arising out of exposure from work activates. It is the employers responsibility to gather information on these products and either eradicate the risk or at least control it. Any substance labelled as Toxic, Irritant, Poison, Corrosive or Harmful fall within identifiable categories defined by Coshh.

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