Good chairs are as important to a worker who sits down at their employment as a workbench is for those who need to stand and work.

If you have ever worked at a computer or any other job that requires long periods of sitting and you haven’t had a very good chair, then you will know the kind of damage that can occur. A bad back may be just the start of your worries if your chair hasn’t provided the correct support during your day.

Some industrial sectors, primarily those in the electrical industry, require special anti static chairs so that they don’t pick up any static electricity and therefore safe for the user. stocks a wide variety of chairs, industrial stools and anti static chairs that may be suitable for a range of environments. All of our industrial chairs have been designed with not only the industry in mind but personal comfort too and all are ergonomically correct. These chairs are strong and highly suitable to the industrial sector and are upholstered to a high standard.

In many work sectors, stools are the preferred seating option and here at we have a great range of stools. Some which are more suitable for industry, some that are suitable in establishments such as science labs or restaurants.

All of our chairs and stools are available in different materials, designs and colours to ensure that not only are you and your employees comfortable at work but that they all look good too!