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For many offices, the archiving system is one of the most important elements of a successfully run business. There is so much important information contained within the archive documents that it is crucial that great care is taken when organising them.
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Once all of your documents are filed away, it is just a matter of how you are going to store them. I have been both fortunate and unfortunate enough to work in several places with archiving systems and the results from place to place were entirely different!

Some places were well organised and you were able to find what you wanted from the archives, exactly at the moment you needed it, whilst others were nothing short of a jumbled nightmare. However, most of the problems stemmed from not having proper archive shelving on which to store all the documents.

Boxes simply piled on top of one another, may work when there are only handful of boxes, but beyond that, they can start falling everywhere with important folders spilling out and being strewn across the floor.

Badly managed storage systems like this are bad for business. Each time the archives are needed it costs the company time and money as employees have to literally go on a hunt for a single piece of information! This can also be very embarrassing if the client is on site and the required document either takes an age to be found or can’t be found at all! It doesn’t look good on anyone!

So, in the real world, where time is money, it makes perfect sense to have all your archives and documents stored orderly and safely on some kind of archive shelving system.

With some files needing to be kept for a certain length of time, this can soon lead to storage space problems if the area isn’t utilised properly. Archive shelving can be purchased both for archive box systems as well as systems that use a simple file system.

Available in various shapes and sizes so that you can tailor a solution to suit your own office space or store room space, having all your files and folders neatly assembled on the shelves, makes the whole job of retrieving files so much simpler.

Do you have one of those disastrous systems at your office, where you just dread heading into the archives room? Then it really is time to investigate a storage solution and in particular an archive shelving system.

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