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Our rang of reel racks have been specially designed to dispence coils of electrical wire, metal or plastic chain in fact any medium duty coiled products.

  • Each hanging tube has a capacity of 75Kg, and can be hung in any of 4 locations
  • A mobile reel rack is also available on 4 swivle castors 2 of which are lockable
  • Simple to build with no nuts and bolts
  • Each level comes complete with two hanging bars

Our range of reel racks or cable racks have been designed specifically to be able to dispense either coils of electrical wire or metal/steel chain. However, the system is designed in such a way that any medium duty coiled product could be compatible.

The rack itself features hanging tubes situated at four different heights and each of these tubes has a capacity of 75kg, so prove very useful for dispensing cables or wire at your set preference. Each level of the cable rack is supplied with 2 hanging bars. There are no nuts and bolts to contend with, so it’s very easy to assemble, even for those with little DIY experience.

We also stock a slightly smaller mobile reel rack that features four swivel castors, two of which can be locked into position to prevent movement.

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