Trolley Shelving

Trolley Shelving with Free of Charge Carriage 

At Direct Storage we stock a range of both trolleys and shelving but on this page we combine both with our trolley shelving or mobile shelving units. If you have the need for lots of storage space but work in an environment that needs to be very fluid and flexible, this trolley shelving may prove to be the ideal solution.

Moving contents around your working environment has never been easier and safety can also be improved. The trolleys themselves are strong and sturdy with each unit being able to handle 300kg of loading capacity. The shelving sections are made from chipboard and are supplied as standard while the castors, which make the trolley shelving so easy to manoeuvre, consist of two swivel castors and two that are lockable, so that when you have moved it into position, it can be secured.

The shelving is available in a combination of blue and orange or all blue. 

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