Tote Pans - Racking

Standard Tote Pan Racks

If your particular storage solution involves plenty of small parts storage, then it is also highly likely that you will be using tote pans of one description or another. Tote pans can be stored on standard shelving systems if there are only a few involved but for those who need a much larger volume, then the perfect way to store or house the pans is with a tote pan rack.

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Please call to discuss your individual requirements as all tote pan racks are made to order.

Tote Pan Rack

Standard Racking for the workplace and storeroom

Pans individually located on three or four wide shelves to any number of levels high at 200mm shelf centres.

  • 200mm shelf centres
  • 305mm; 455mm or 610mm deep
  • Horizontal or tilted shelves
  • Capacity - 150kg per level

At Direct Storage we not only stock a wide range of tote pans but we also provide the solution for storing them with a variety of tote pan racks and trolleys.

The great thing about tote pans is that they stack really well which makes the racking really straight forward and are essentially just a framework to keep multiple pans in place.

High Density Tote Pan Racks

tote pans racks 2

Stackable high density drawer units for the most space-saving storage method of steel or plastic tote pans.

  • Drawer guides and safety stops to retain pans when accessing contents
  • capacity - 500kg per rack

We supply standard racks, high density racks as well as cantilever racks which all have their various advantages, much depending on your own storage requirements. The most common sizes are racks that store 3 or 4 tote pan s across, whilst height can be determined by what your warehouse or storeroom can safely manage and also by what suitable warehouse equipment you might have to be able to reach the higher placed pans.

Cantilever Tote Pan Racks

Tilted racks for example are perhaps much easier to access, whereas high density racks are able to store many more pans.

For display and storage areas; three or four pans wide; 305mm; 455mm or 610mm deep.

  • Horizontal shelves on 200mm high shelf centres for condensed storage
  • Tilted shelves on 250mm high centres for easy picking and display
  • square steel tube end frames with plastic floor protection feet
  • capacity - 150kg per level

So, whatever your storage solution requirements are, be sure to check out the rest of our products and please call us if there is something you can’t see as we offer a bespoke service on many products.

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