Warehouse Equipment

Warehouse equipment is the all encompassing phrase used to describe the multitude of items that prove to be the essential components inside a warehouse. There are many different kinds of warehouse of course, many requiring specific pieces of equipment and others that may only require more generic items

A warehouse is usually a hub of activity and preparation with people busy at workstations and surrounded by storage areas, rows of racking and pallets of one description or another. It is also common to find a store room or stock room inside the warehouse, which might be home to small parts storage and pieces of warehouse equipment that may need more security and need to be locked away.

If you have ever worked in a warehouse, you will know just how important all these pieces of equipment are in order for the environment to function, safely and productively. Here, at Direct Storage we stock a huge variety of warehouse equipment, from some of the smaller items needed, such as signage and louvre panels, right through to some of the more bulky pieces of equipment, such as bar cradles, vertical racks and steps.

As well as being available in a variety of standard shapes, sizes and colours, many of our items, such as workbenches and steel pallets can be made to order, so that you can effectively design the makeup of your warehouse down to the last detail. We also have a range of pallet trucks and trolleys to help you move all that heavy stock around the warehouse.