Bar Cradles

Bar Cradle

  • Bar Cradles allow for many flexible storage combinations for lengths of bar and tube. Bar cradles are fitted with pallet feet, that allow for a multi stacking bar cradle system
  • 2000kgs UDL per cradle
  • Blue epoxy coated (other colours available)
  • Bar Caradles are stackable to a maximum 4 high

Bar cradles are ideal for creating a range of storage combinations, particularly for things like lengths of bar and tubing. With pallet feet attached at the base of each cradle section, easy access is created for fork lift trucks to lift and manoeuvre each one into place, allowing for a multi stacking bar cradle system. Different businesses will have different storage requirements but if necessary, the cradles can be stacked as many as four high.

As standard the cradles are powder coated in blue epoxy but if your business operates with different colours, then there are a range of colours available. Please contact us for all of the relevant colour options.

Each cradle can handle a weight capacity of 2000kg (UDL) and for safety purposes it is recommended that your chosen storage option, whether it be tubing, bars, rods or angle, are not only distributed evenly but the units themselves should be situated on sound and even ground. Bars and tubes of various lengths are catered for using this system and storing such items in this way can help to streamline the working environment as well as making it a safer place.

If you don’t see the size you require for your particular operation, please contact us because in some circumstances we are able have bespoke sizes manufactured to order. You can also find out our current lead times by calling us or dropping us an email.



 Effective mm


 BCR1 Bar Cradle

 305 x 610

£ 57.50 + Delivery Charge Call for details

 BCR2 Bar Cradle

 455 x 610

£ 66.50 + Delivery Charge Call for details

 BCR3 Bar Cradle

 305 x 915

£ 65.50 + Delivery Charge Call for details

 BCR4 Bar Cradle

 455 x 915

£ 75.00 + Delivery Charge Call for details


Please call for current lead times on Bar Cradles

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